Process flow to purchase the product

Process flow to purchase the product

We at Sowdambiga Fuels aim to fulfill each and every customers’ order with the utmost dedication to the service. Each and every product is visually inspected and packed properly before it leaves our warehouse.

Our purchase process starts with a customer identifying the product that he/she needs to purchase.

In the event that the selected product is not available, the system automatically notifies the customer. If there is a similar product to the one out of stock available, the customer is also notified.  But we strive our best to get the product quick in stock and make it available to the customer. Also, make them aware of the same.

The system gives the customer all the payment options available.There is a list to show the payment options that are available to a customer which may include but not limited to the following:

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Payment Wallets

Cash on Delivery payments is made by the customer once we deliver the product to the address given by the customer. The customer can choose to pay by UPI/card/cash when he receives the product.

Payment Wallet used in our purchase process are Paytm and RazorPay. These payment providers offer a wide range of payments option from their own wallet system, credit card, debit card and most bank’s netbanking option.

The system also provides registered customers with the Orders tab in My Account section of the home page. The Orders tab consists of all the previous and current orders made by the customer and their order status.

After the payment is successful, the customer receives the order information in the customer’s email id. This means that the order is under ‘Processing‘ stage.

Once the product is packed and shipped. The order status will change to ‘Completed‘. The customer receives the order completed information in the customer’s email id and also attached is the sale invoice for the order.

Using the customer’s details previously provided under account creation, the delivery team will be in a position to efficiently dispatch the order to the selected courier service provider for delivery to customer`s billing address.

The product will reach the customer’s hand within 2 days. The delivery person may call the customer’s mobile number (if given) for any queries regarding the delivery time and area.


The support team is available and can be emailed at for any queries or inquiries.