Mak 2T (1 Litre)

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A new generation semi-synthetic, low smoke, environment friendly two stroke engine oil, suitable for all types of 2 & 3 wheeler vehicles fitted with 2 stroke petrol engines/CNG engines.



Blended from highly refined mineral base oil & special synthetic component and fortified with finely balanced low ash additives. A specially selected diluent is added to ensure instantaneous self-mixing of oil with fuel

  • Extremely low visible exhaust smoke levels
  • Reduced spark plug fouling and silencer deposits
  • Excellent lubrication under all working conditions, thereby, leading to longer engine life, reduced maintenance cost, and reduced environmental pollution


  • All types of 2 or 3 wheeler vehicles and outboard boats fitted with 2 stroke petrol engines/CNG engines.
  • Oil/petrol-mixing ratio:
    • 20 ml in 1 liter for 2 wheelers
    • 30 ml in 1 liter for 3 wheelers

For gear box application of 2 & 3 wheelers, use MAK MULTIGRADE 20W-40

Grade NameKV@100°C, cStFlash Point COC, °CColour (Visual)
MAK 2T7.295Orange

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Vehicle Type

Any 2T vehicles


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