Mak 2T Barrel (210 Litres)

Mak 2T Barrel (210 Litres)

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Product Description


  • It is a new generation semi-synthetic, extremely low smoke, environmentally friendly two stroke engine oil.
  • Blended from highly refined mineral base oil & a special synthetic component, and fortified with finely balanced low ash additives.
  • A specially selected diluent is added to ensure instantaneous self-mixing of oil with fuel.


  • It is used for all types of 2 or 3 wheeler vehicles and outboard boats fitted with 2 stroke petrol engines / CNG gas.
  • For gear box application of 2 wheelers, use MAK MULTIGRADE 20W-40.
  • This oil received On-file status from JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation) 2-Cycle Oil Standards Implementation Panel for Gasoline Engine Performance Classification (JASO M 345). 3)

Performance Benefits

  • Extremely low visible exhaust smoke levels
  • Reduced spark plug fouling and exhaust system deposits
  • Excellent lubrication under all working conditions, thereby, leading to longer engine life, increased fuel economy, reduced maintenance cost, and above all, reduced environmental pollution


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