Mak MP Grease – 5 KG

Mak MP Grease – 5 KG

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Product Description

Mak MP Grease is a premium quality Lithium based multipurpose grease manufactured from superior quality
base oil and soap


Mak MP Grease is recommended for the lubrication of heavy-duty plain and roller bearings operating under
heavy loads, moderate temperature and shock loading conditions


• Good Oxidation Stability- Gives enhanced life to the grease lubricant and minimum changing
• High Drop point- This grease has a high drop point values, which makes grease usable at
moderate temperatures without any concern of oil coming out of the grease and hence can
lubricate efficiently for longer period
• Good Structural Stability- Provides grease with extra ability to resist early shear and work longer
during harsh working conditions
• Good Rust Protection- This grease possess good ability to protect components against rust,
hence protects component and enhances its running life



IS 7623:1993
• IPSS: 1-09-006-97

Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet


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