Mak Platinum CI4 15W40 (1 L)

Mak Platinum CI4 15W40 (1 L)

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Product Description

Mak Platinum CI4 15W40 diesel engine oil is designed to meet the latest global specifications and exceeds the lubrication requirements of the latest ultra-low emission diesel engines. It is especially effective at sustaining engine durability where Exhaust Gas Recirculation is used and protecting after treatment exhaust devices. This oil is fortified with state-of-the-art performance additives to control the viscosity increase, handle higher soot level due to EGR and protects engine parts against the corrosive action of combustion gases.


  • Expected to exceed drain period of 60,000 Kms in non-EGR engines under ideal operating conditions & appropriate filtration system.
  • Excellent wear protection: Helps extend engine life
  • Handles higher soot levels: Ensures a longer life for cylinder liner, Piston rings & Value cams
  • Good oxidation stability: Higher level of engine cleanliness & longer drain intervals.
  • Low Volatility Characteristics: Reduces oil Consumption.
  • Higher Viscosity Index: Superior film strength at high temperatures and superior pumpability at low temperatures thereby providing longer oil life.


MAK PLATINUM is recommended for engines fitted with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) technology to meet Euro II & Euro III emission norms.


  • Indoor Storage is always preferable
  • Barrels should be kept horizontally with bunk position at 3 O’clock 9 O’clock position
  • Barrels should be kept away from dusty or heated areas.
  • During handling any contact with dust must be avoided


  • API CI-4

1 Litre, 5 Litres

Important Info

Best suited for diesel engine heavy duty vehicles

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